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The Turkish Angoras, originally known as the Ankara Cat in Turkey, are one of the ancient and purest longhaired breeds ever discovered. The Turkish Angoras are a natural breed and are not man-made. They are a graceful cat with a fine silky coat that shimmers with every movement. The Turkish Angoras are a medium sized cat with the males being slightly larger. Their balance, grace and fine bone structure are exquisite. Their fur is medium to long in length and very silky with no undercoat. Very little grooming is required making them the perfect choice if you're looking for a long haired cat. . Click to see the original image

Angora cats are some of the most adorable pets around. People who own Angoras are always struck by the breed's ability to be amazingly adorable, young, and curious throughout their lives. They have huge eyes which bring out a great feature on their faces. The eyes of Angoras come in several different colors including amber, blue and a one orange, one blue combination. But what makes these cats unique is that if an Angora has one or more blue eyes, which mean they're deaf. If its right eye is blue, that means it is deaf in its right ear. If both eyes are blue, it is completely deaf. Click to see the original image

They are very active in their younger years. They love to climb curtains, have a place at the dinner table, and even bathe with you every chance they get. Many times you to remove them from the bath tub so you could bathe. But they are not to be confused with the Turkish Van, the swimming cat.

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