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These guys are about the cutest rabbits we've ever seen! The disposition of Angoras is docile and curious. They make good pets as long as you have the time to attend to their special needs. Although it is not certain where they originated, most people agree that the original Angora Rabbits came from Ankara, Turkey in Asia Minor. Thus the name "Angora" comes from their place of origin, Ankara. It is also possible the name came from the Angora cat and Angora goat that have the same type of fur and also come from Ankara.

Click to see the original image Probably bred near Ankara (Turkey), this specialty hair rabbit has been a French source of fiber since the early 1700s. (The angora rabbit should not be confused with "angora" from the angora goat, also bred near Ankara.) The softest and finest of all specialty fibers, the rabbit's fur is plucked (or clipped) every few months. It is up to eight times warmer than wool for its weight.

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