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Some of the ancient Turks have accepted the deer as holly and some enjoyed hunting them. But legends and folk songs are full of tragic stories of deer hunters. That is why deer hunting is always considered dangerous by the Turks. Deer hunting is harder than hunting other animals. It needs force power, patience and good skills in shooting. The deer acts sometimes like a human being and surprises the hunters. Since the deer runs fast, usually it is preferred to lay an ambush near a water side. The hunters, who know the time when a deer visits the water side, hunt by a single shot. The deer's do not wonder around single. They go to the water side in groups. This is an advantage for the hunter. But it is always dramatic that a mother deer is hunted near its young. Today it is almost impossible for a hunter to hunt in such a way.

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There are many programmers to protect the deer's all around the world. These kinds of protection programmers help the development of hunting and hunting tourism. For example, there were few thousands of deer's when the continent America was discovered, but with the help of these programmers, although about 12 millions of them are hunted each year, there are still millions of them. This shows that; hunting tourism has not lessen the number of deer's but infect has helped them to increase. In Turkey, with the help of protection programmers, the number of deer's which were 7 in Antalya-Düzlerçamı Forest has risen up to 700. In Ankara-Beypazarı, the number of deer's which are under a protection programmed and are forbidden to hunt, have risen up in number and they harm the fields

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