Mediterranean Monk Seal Foca Izmir

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The newborn pup is about 80-90 cm. in length and almost 20 kg. Has black fur with 1-1.5cm. long hairs) and always a white patch on the belly. When pups become two months old, it begins to change its fur and within two more months short and gray ones replace long black hairs. Observed on shore, chubby and large outlook of it is indicative. Have flippers at the front and back part of its body. Click to see the original image

There are less than 100 monk seals living in the Mediterranean coasts. Because of unplanned tourism, cities and sea pollution, their habitat is getting smaller each day. Mediterranean Monk Seal Conservation Project, aims to protect reproduction areas and habitat of these beautiful critters since 1997. There are two working groups: SAD/AFAG (Underwater Research Organization) in Foça, Izmir and the staff of METU Graduate School of Marine Sciences in Mersin. They have obtained some results. Some parts of Mersin's and Foca's coast line are being protected now. Click to see the original image

Monk Seals that live in the East of Mediterranean, where our country is included, roam in the waters separately and very rarely seen together with other seals. It is known that researches did observe seals in groups of 2-4 individuals time to time, and this number reached up 7-8 seals very rarely. Like many other aspects of Monk Seals, there is not much information about their behaviors. Some researchers estimate that Monk Seals gather together periodically and disperse back again at certain times in a year. Adult male individuals usually define a region for themselves and live there. Females are more vagrant.

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