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The Turkish Van is distinctive. It is not only eye-catching in looks, but has great character and personality. Apart from being loyal, loving and intelligent, it can also be very affectionate. However, its temperament depends very much on its upbringing and the temperament of its mother and cats with which it is reared. Being a very active cat, it is rare to see one walking, or even on the floor! Most Van cats have a love of heights and can often be found on the highest point in a room, even if that means the top of a door. It is a very agile cat and loves joining in games with balls or scraps of paper, which it will retrieve endlessly. With such quick movements, these cats can also wreak havoc amongst ornaments or in furnishings, and being intelligent they can use this to their own advantage.

Click to see the original image The Turkish Van is a semi-longhaired cat distinguished by its unusual pattern: the cat is white except for a colored tail and color on the head. They can be found with blue, gold, or odd-eyes. (Odd-eyed means one gold eye and one blue eye). Vans are very independent, but affectionate. They tend to bond strongly to one or two people in a family. They are social and remain active well into old age. Although they share the word "Turkish" in their name, the Turkish Van and the Turkish Angora are completely different cats. Angoras are lithe, with silky fur, and the Turkish Vans are more heavily built with a plush coat. Click to see the original image

Turkish Vans get along amazingly well with a variety of different animals. We have placed them in homes with other cats, small and large dogs, birds, reptiles, and other creatures. After they get to know the other animals, they get along quite well with them. The Turkish Van generally does assert itself as the dominant member of the household. Vans do prefer the company of other Vans if that option is available and enjoy the social interactions, such as grooming and playing together. If threatened (real or perceived) the Van is very assertive and will defend itself, even against a much larger animal. .

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