Click to see the original image Turkish Vans seem to happily ignore rain as they have a pretty water-resistant coat, but dislike strong winds. Most of them also have more than a normal love of water, ranging from dripping taps, especially drinking from them, and dunking their toys in water bowls or a sink. Over the years, several Van cats have been featured swimming in baths or pools and even the sea, though usually the temperature has to be pretty warm before they will do this. However, they love being with you, so when you take a bath or shower, you could easily be joined by one.

Click to see the original image Van Cats know everything that is going on in their house. If you bring in something new, they will have to inspect it thoroughly. They can also figure out how to open doors and cabinets. You can almost see those wheels turn in their heads as they work out a solution to a problem. Van Cats are also loyal; In this respect they are similar to dogs in their interactions with humans. They will follow their favorite person all about. They are content to watch you work on the computer, sleep, read, or watch TV. Vans sometimes bond with one member of the household more than with others and want to spend all of their time with that person. They can recognize your car and wait for you at the door to greet you.

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Many Turkish Vans are fond of water and swimming. In their native Turkey near Lake Van, they can often be found swimming in warm, shallow pools. Owners of Turkish Vans must be careful about allowing unsupervised access to water, including baths and toilets! Do you know why the Turkish Van is called the swimming cat? The answer to this question is rooted in the history and origin of these cats. They are uniquely adapted to the rugged terrain of eastern Turkey and to fish for dinner in the many shallow streams of the area. Since most of the cats in modern breeding programs are only a few generations removed from Turkish imports, they still maintain their fondness of water. Additionally, the lustrous sheen of their fur is due in part to the presence of an oil that imparts water resistance to their coats; a necessity to dry off quickly after a dip. .

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